If We Were Having Coffee...

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

If we were having coffee, I'd be really excited to finally order my warm-weather drink - a large iced coffee with a splash of simple syrup & soy milk. I'd also tell you that I'm excited that it's cheaper than my winter lattes!

I'd tell you about my recent trip to New York City, where my office is. They only bring me in once or twice a year, & this time, I barely spent any time in the actual office, because they brought me in for two days of off-site meetings. Hey, the building had a good view, strong coffee, & lots of snacks, at least! Have you ever worked out of a Convene meeting room? Very cool.

I'd tell you that before that trip, I experienced some of the worst physical manifestations of stress in my life. I was nervous about the trip, super-crazed at work, trying to meet multiple freelance deadlines, & attempting to wrap up some other loose ends before I left town - & it resulted in my body basically just, like, locking up. I couldn't turn my head, I had shooting pain beneath my ribs, & I could literally barely walk... it was bad.

I'd tell you that the trip turned out just fine. Honestly, I just never give myself enough credit for the way I thrive in big cities. I was worried that I didn't know how to, like, do New York - which is ridiculous, given that I've been going to this office for 11 years, & I lived in Jersey, & I am, at heart, a city girl. Sure, the subway stresses me out, but I've always been fine in busy cities - & still am. 

I'd tell you that I'm headed to New York again at the end of April. I convinced my boss to make it half a work trip, but it was booked as a personal trip to attend my best friend's father's memorial service. She's the one I visited Miami with in January, after her dad died but before they'd planned anything for him. I'm glad to be able to be there for her - & I booked the trip using credit card points.

I'd tell you that this trip will probably be busier but hopefully also more fun - aside from the memorial service, of course. I'm working from the office, setting up face-to-face meetings, & making plans with friends I don't see often. I'm also hoping to have a couple of blog-worthy adventures I couldn't otherwise have here in the CLE. Maybe a trip to The Color Factory or finally walking the High Line? And Corbin Bleu is in "Kiss Me Kate"!

I'd tell you that before that trip, I'm trying relax, unwind, & stay healthy. I'd tell you I'm mad at myself for getting the time wrong on (& thus missing) my first Rise Nation class, but I joined Planet Fitness & am planning to take full advantage of their weird hydromassage couches. I'd tell you I haven't done as much Harness Cycle as I'd like lately, but that I'm excited to try SoulCycle when I'm in New York. Oh, & I even signed up for ClassPass! Who am I?

I'd tell you that things are going well but that I need to work on stress management - as always. I'd tell you I'm rereading the Harry Potter series, slowly, & that I'm enjoying new TV shows like The Enemy WithinThe Act, & The Fix. I'd tell you that I've been listening to the new Jonas Brothers song on repeat but that I can never get enough of podcasts, including The Baby-Sitters Club Club & the brand new Jensen & Holes: Murder Squad.

Oh, yeah - & I swear I'd let you talk, too.

So tell me: What's new with you?

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