6 Small Goals for April

Friday, April 5, 2019

OK, OK, so I wasn't quiiiite as successful in March as I was in February - but I didn't do too badly, either. Let's see...
  1. Finish & file our taxes. As of April 1, all that was left to do was write a check to the City of Cleveland for my local taxes - which I did before I left town on April 2. Thanks to my husband & our accountant for taking care of this... entirely without me! 
  2. Stop picking my eyelashes. Ugh, I've tried so hard, but I don't think I can mark this as done because, well, I'm still not there yet. I know this one is going to be a longer process than just a month - but really, I'm trying. 
  3. Keep a clean home. I mean, look, our place could definitely be cleaner - but it certainly doesn't look or feel unclean, thanks in part to my recent habit of picking up around the house every night before bed. I could sweep & mop a little more, but things do feel cleaner & more organized around here.
  4. Finish Michelle Obama's book. Ackkkk, I didn't do this one! I thought seeing her live would inspire me to finish her book ASAP, but I still haven't made it through. I did order it on Audible, though, so I'm planning to listen to it during travel this month. 
  5. Schedule a dentist appointment. Not only did I schedule a dentist appointment, I already went to my dentist appointment! In February, I announced a new partnership with Hudec Dental, & this week, I shared my going-to-the-dentist tips for scaredy cats based on that first appointment. I'm weirdly excited about dental health right now?! 
  6. Organize my books. Sort of, but not entirely. I went through all of my books, taking a huge stack to the local Little Free Library, & I reorganized my own bookshelves. I've yet to convince the husband to organize his, but I'm counting this as done because I  did my part, at least!
Onto April. To be honest, March was pretty stressful for me - I did too much, I overbooked myself, & I procrastinated on a couple of big deadlines - so I want to try to get things under control & feeling a little bit more calm.
  1. Get my airbags replaced. It is deeply unsafe that I have not yet done this. 
  2. Look into volunteer work. Engage! Cleveland's recent Next Generation of Women event encouraged me to start figuring out ways I might be able to volunteer in the city. Any ideas? 
  3. Try (at least) two new-to-me gyms and/or workouts.With my free month of Class Pass, I'm scheduled for an intro class at Rise Nation & a yoga class at Studio 111. I'm also hoping to attend a CycleBar class with a Annie & maybe even a SoulCycle class while I'm in NYC! 
  4. Write a pitch for an upcoming anthology. I don't want to jinx anything, so I'm keeping this mostly mum - but I'm really excited about the possibility of contributing an essay to a new anthology, & I've got to sort out my pitch so that I can be considered for it.
  5. Do something new-to-me in NYC. OK, OK, this is kind of a cop-out goal because there are lots of things I haven't yet done in NYC, but it seems that when I go, I usually do a lot of the same things. I want to try something fun, bloggable, & different this time around.
  6. Hit my Apple Watch move goals every day in April. Ideally, I'd like to hit all my Apple Watch goals - moving, exercising, & standing - but that seems a bit ambitious. For now, I want to hit my 500-calories-a-day burn goal & hit 10k steps at least 20 days out of the month.
How'd you do on your March goals? What are you aiming for in April?

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