Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Putting the "Oh, Hey!" in Ohio

Because I am sometimes wander-y & inefficient, one Macy's trip resulted in my making purchases at three separate Macy's counters. Because I was sans Macy's card, I asked all three employees who helped me to look up my account number, which required me to hand them my driver's license - which is still an Ohio license, though I'm told I have to get a New Hampshire license within 60 days of registering my car here, which is another story altogether & one that makes me very angry...

ANYWAY, I digress. Upon receipt of my driver's license, all three Macy's employes commented on my Ohioness. It went something like this:

  • Employee #1 marveled at seeing an Ohio driver's license, telling me I was her first. Yes, Ohio is the far, far away land that you only hear about in movies when a character moves across the country, never to be heard from again. I'm practically a unicorn!

  • Employee #2 asked me what the abbreviation is for Ohio. Lady, the state name only has four letters in it, & two of them are O's. Clearly she's not familiar with the old Buckeye State cheer that begins, "O-H!" Someone finish it off for me, willya?

  • Employee #3 was my favorite."Is your hometown near Brunswick?" she asked me. "My oldest daughter lives in Brunswick, & it's beautiful up there, just beautiful. I love that area!" (It's true, apparently! See beautiful Brunswick, to the right. Who knew?) The best part came next: "Everyone I've ever met from Ohio has just been the absolute nicest. There must be something in the water there! People across the whole state are so nice. I've heard that New Englanders are cold - sometimes I think about the people in Ohio, & I try to be more like them."

Hear that, guys? I AM THE ABSOLUTE NICEST. Also, I'll tell you what's in our water, ma'am. Oil & debris:

Oh, hey, I know that river. That's where I'm from! Gulp, gulp.

Photo credits: 1, 2, 3
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