Grown Men in Great Garb

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Remember how much I love brunch? Since giving the District the old heave-ho, my life has been severely lacking in sufficiently delicious brunching. Luckily, there's a reasonable facsimile just down the road. The Golden Egg is the epitome of a local joint - we've only been there twice, & both times, we saw approximately 50% of the same people.

How do I know that? Because some of the customers are characters. And you know what I like to do with characters: PHOTOGRAPH THEM WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE. This guy, in particular, stands out, perhaps because he's a middle-aged man wearing a bright yellow, crocheted hat with cat ears. That's right, a grown man in a cat hat. Ain't no shame.

There's also the guy dressed in full Scottish gear, his wife in matching tartan duds. I wish this photo more clearly captured the glory of this guy's wardrobe, but alas, Nathan is not as adept at surreptitious photography as is yours truly. Hey, he tried.

The best part of the afternoon was overhearing the Scottishman's wife poking fun at the guy in the cat hat. Honey, your husband is wearing a skirt. I think there's some sort of code binding you to unconditional acceptance of others' clothing choices when you're out in public with him.

And speaking of cats...

I suspect that the Wolf Lady would approve.


  1. this is so funny. love the cat coat LOL

  2. Lad, I don't know where ya been....

    I don't know how you should feel about this, but kilts will forever make me think of you.

  3. So glad you're back to blogging - your observations are comical & your writing is terrific. I think there's a wee of these folks in all of us just dying to get out!

  4. I'm really glad you're there to photograph all the crazies. It enriches my life.

  5. I have so many brunch places to bring you to....

  6. Oh em gee I LOVE those animal fleecey things!! I keep threatening to buy my Mother one. All the crazies wear them here when they're hanging around the bus station. True trailer stylee.


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