Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Confessions of a Craigslist Lover

I'm back! It's brief, but it's real.

I have a confession: I love Craigslist's Missed Connections. Seriously, have you ever read them? It's an Interwebs goldmine of genius-meets-insanity-meets-kismet-meets-cute-meets-OMGWTF. Where else will you find lines like "your bird liked my tongue ring"? Or my favorite recent "American Psycho" reference in a two-part series? (Enjoy: part one & part two)

But the actual confession is this: I recently posted one!

Judge if you must, but I will not be ashamed. A hella-hot guy lives somewhere within my building, & I'm moving out in a week. Much to my dismay, I tend to only run into said hella-hot guy when I look absolutely foul, i.e. on my way to the laundry room with sporta bra-induced uniboob, or the time I was crying hysterically after leaving my wallet (containing someone else's $100) on a city bus, or the night I donned my grandpa's pajama pants & a highlighter-stained sweatshirt during a building evacuation following a gas leak. As a result, I have yet to come up with a creative way to talk to this guy at a time when I'm looking snappy, so I took the nerdy way out... & posted it online.

I figured it'd be a good outlet for me to admit into the faceless, anonymous Internet atmosphere that I wish I were ballsy enough to get chatty with the evasive hella-hot guy on the third floor. No one reads those, right?

Except I saw him tonight. Twice. Outside my building while I was in my pajamas (but looking fairly normal/not heinous) talking on the phone to one of the BFFs &, OK, eating cashews.

So was I paranoid or was I getting the "There's that crazy Internets girl" stare-down?!

Um, Moving Day, please...
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