"It Looks Like Hiroshima in There."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A UPS guy ran into my office today with no package to deliver to us. "The trash can outside your building is on fire," he informed us.

"Attention staff," our receptionist announced over the office intercom system, unsure of what else to do. "There's a trash can on fire outside the office."

In the midst of an AIM conversation with an off-site colleague, I wrote "FIRE!" (sorry for the scare, bud) & jetted outside, extinguisher in hand, to meet a few coworkers on the sidewalk. The verdict? Trash can. On fire.

A photo montage is probably better suited to tell you the story:

Jason's heroics - while heroic indeed! - weren't quite enough to do the trick. Peering into the pseudo-extinguished mess, someone yelled an uncouth, "It looks like Hiroshima in there!" A passing policeman, spotting our powdery, post-extinguisher mess, phoned the fire department, but they arrived so slowly that we had to call them again. When they finally made it:

The fire melted the trashcan, mutating the sides & putting a hole through the bottom, but DC's finest returned it to its little trashcan cage nonetheless. And we returned to our office, where we presented Jason with an award for his heroics.

Never a dull day.


  1. I cannot stop chuckling over someone comparing a fairly benign trashcan fore to freaking HIROSHIMA.

  2. I love how your receptionist reacted by making a PA announcement.

  3. I think this weekend is gonna have to be photo montage...


  4. Oh hilarious. I once called the fire dept. because I saw a flames on the side of the street while driving. My sister, who was following me, later informed me that it was a only a flaming McDonald's bag. Ah well, I'm sure I gave the fire dept. something to laugh at.

  5. ha! we left our office recently at about 11:30 at night, and the mulch outside the front door was on fire. we tried stomping it out (made it worse, also melted the bottom of my shoe) and sort of stood around going "dude. the ground is on FIRE. should we... call someone...?" before a parking security guy happened to drive by and said he'd take care of it, "it happens all the time."


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