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Monday, August 3, 2009

Name that '90s movie!

OK, I give up on waiting for you to answer. It's "Home Alone," one of three movies I know nearly every line to (the others are "Newsies" & "Men in Black." Judge if you must).

Anyway, here's something little Kevin McAllister never dreamed of buying:

Yep. Little European kid, aged 6 or under, carrying a sixer of Miller, keepin' it classy at Dupont Circle's Metro Supermarket. No worries, of course: His dad paid &, I presume, did not consumed it with the help of his uber-underage offspring, but this scene gave the cashier & I a good laugh.


  1. When I was living in Turkey, I bought my mom cigarettes all the time...I'm pretty sure I could've bought alcohol before 18 as well.

    It's a neighborhood thing. If the grocer knows your parents, then they'll sell you the cigs.

  2. Whatever. That kid was going on a bender. I'm sure of it. He had you all fooled.

  3. Dupont? I figured West Virginia.

  4. Hey, I knew that "Home Alone" quote! Um, should I be proud of that?

  5. Just watched MIB this weekend. Guess when it gets old?


  6. Thanks, now I'll have Men In Black in my head all day...
    here come the men in black!
    clap clap.


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