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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's been awhile since the Great Trashcan Fire of 2009 - eight days, to be exact. And lots has happened since then! I turned 25, submitted my notice to vacate my apartment, established future housing with a friend... & OK, fine, that's it, but that's a lot for a week, right?

I haven't been a good blogger for awhile, I know. I just haven't had it in me. I've blogged consistently for almost two years now, & lately, I'm just totally without inspiration when it comes to writing for the public sphere. At the wise old age of 25, I have learned better than to get emotional or to wax personally poetic on my public blog as I did during my college years on my good old Xanga account. Instead, these days, I've been taking to pen & paper again, working things out for myself in the comfort of a leather-bound journal like I did in those pre-Internet days of yore.

I'll be back. I don't know when. I'll be back whenever I'm feeling funny again, which is not right now. And I hope that when I come back, you'll still be here - I know I won't stay away for very long, but for now, I need some time. For myself.



PS: Before I go, a photo to tide you over:


  1. Ew who would wear tights and crocs?

  2. Hilarious. That will surely tide me over until you pop back in!

    And no worries. I know what you mean about being inspired, I go through phases myself. Plus you have a lot going on w/ the move and all. Good luck on all of that and don't do any heavy lifting!

  3. ((blows kisses)) Good luck on the move, Luv.

  4. You told me you deleted that picture of me!!!

  5. Come back! Come back!

  6. Miss your sense of humor & observations


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