Confessions of a Craigslist Lover

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm back! It's brief, but it's real.

I have a confession: I love Craigslist's Missed Connections. Seriously, have you ever read them? It's an Interwebs goldmine of genius-meets-insanity-meets-kismet-meets-cute-meets-OMGWTF. Where else will you find lines like "your bird liked my tongue ring"? Or my favorite recent "American Psycho" reference in a two-part series? (Enjoy: part one & part two)

But the actual confession is this: I recently posted one!

Judge if you must, but I will not be ashamed. A hella-hot guy lives somewhere within my building, & I'm moving out in a week. Much to my dismay, I tend to only run into said hella-hot guy when I look absolutely foul, i.e. on my way to the laundry room with sporta bra-induced uniboob, or the time I was crying hysterically after leaving my wallet (containing someone else's $100) on a city bus, or the night I donned my grandpa's pajama pants & a highlighter-stained sweatshirt during a building evacuation following a gas leak. As a result, I have yet to come up with a creative way to talk to this guy at a time when I'm looking snappy, so I took the nerdy way out... & posted it online.

I figured it'd be a good outlet for me to admit into the faceless, anonymous Internet atmosphere that I wish I were ballsy enough to get chatty with the evasive hella-hot guy on the third floor. No one reads those, right?

Except I saw him tonight. Twice. Outside my building while I was in my pajamas (but looking fairly normal/not heinous) talking on the phone to one of the BFFs &, OK, eating cashews.

So was I paranoid or was I getting the "There's that crazy Internets girl" stare-down?!

Um, Moving Day, please...


  1. Oooo I think he'll find it and you'll fall and love and get married :-) I'm also super optimistic! Let me know what happens...

    maybe you should just give him your number directly?! ;-)

  2. Hell, write him a note saying something like "drinks?" w/your phone number and carry it in your pocket for the next time you see him. You'll feel totally awkward but after you move out, you'll never have to see him again. So jump! Maybe a net will appear. :)

  3. Awesome! We love reading craigslist missed connections.

  4. I mean, I dated guys from craig's list, and had a personal ad on there for about half a day so those are probably worse than posting a missed connection....

    Balls to the wall. You should totally track him down.

  5. Omg that was a great Funny or Die video!

    I don't know if guys go on Craigslist missed connections, but I will say I would send messages to this girl I liked through it because I knew she read them everyday.

  6. Oh my god, it would make my LIFE if I knew a true "missed connections" had worked...

  7. My best girlfriend was a missed connection! Unfortunately, the guy ended up being creepy.

  8. It worked for me, I posted to find someone I talked to briefly and her friend found it and showed it to her. I talked to her for a bit but we never had our schedules in sync to actually meet again. By the time she agreed to come on a date I was kind of already seeing someone. A shame to waste that good story though.


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