Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hold That Thought...

It's been awhile since the Great Trashcan Fire of 2009 - eight days, to be exact. And lots has happened since then! I turned 25, submitted my notice to vacate my apartment, established future housing with a friend... & OK, fine, that's it, but that's a lot for a week, right?

I haven't been a good blogger for awhile, I know. I just haven't had it in me. I've blogged consistently for almost two years now, & lately, I'm just totally without inspiration when it comes to writing for the public sphere. At the wise old age of 25, I have learned better than to get emotional or to wax personally poetic on my public blog as I did during my college years on my good old Xanga account. Instead, these days, I've been taking to pen & paper again, working things out for myself in the comfort of a leather-bound journal like I did in those pre-Internet days of yore.

I'll be back. I don't know when. I'll be back whenever I'm feeling funny again, which is not right now. And I hope that when I come back, you'll still be here - I know I won't stay away for very long, but for now, I need some time. For myself.



PS: Before I go, a photo to tide you over:
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