Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Lazy-But-Amusing Photo Montage...

Even when Easter's over, there are reminders of the joy (?!) of that holiday I don't celebrate lurking throughout the city. Turns out Peeps exist in places other than the CVS sale shelf! No matter my feelings on Easter, I gotta say that this one-eared pink bunny makes me pretty darn happy.

Why on earth would a father/son duo dressed in full hunters' camo be chilling at Five Guys? There's not a deer for days in this city, yet these guys drove in from their venison-snagging excursion in rural Virginia to grab a hot dog in Dupont?

On second thought, camo is still a better choice than suits worn with fishnets. Honey, life is not
Rocky Horror.

On the list of things that you, my dear readers, absolutely do not give a flying hoot about, I had the best salad on the planet the other day from Sweet Green, the new leafy greens joint in Dupont. I tweeted this photo during Pesach & a friend said, "You're being such a good Jew!" You might note, however, that there's salami in this salad, so... decide for yourself.

Howdy, y'all! Who doesn't appreciate cowboy-oriented Korean cuisine? Talk about a niche market...

And finally, Dupont's Lambda Rising takes on the online bookselling giant following the now-infamous #amazonfail fiasco of Easter Sunday 2009. How would Jesus feel about your discrimination, Amazon?
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