Miscellany: Breakfast, Bounty, Bacon & Bad Footwear

Monday, April 6, 2009

Biggest. Donut. Ever. I mean it. In case you think this is just sort of on the large side, please take note of how dinky my large-sized drink looks next to it. WHO EATS THIS MUCH DONUT? To be fair, it was being sold at Bagels, Etc., also known (to me) as "Mandarin Bagel," where I doubt many pasty connoisseurs gather for donut tastings, but... wow. I mean, that's all. Wow. This donut is bigger than my skull.

Things that are awkward to carry around Dupont:

I ventured to Bethesda's Pancake House this weekend with a friend, even though I dislike pancakes. When I found out they served waffles, the deal was sealed - & when we got there, I discovered that they also serve a bacon waffle. Remember the chocolate-covered bacon bar? Well, my bacon curiosity carried over into Saturdays breakfast, compelling me to order aforementioned bacon waffle. And while it was fairly tasty, it was absolutely weird. Observe:

Just because you can't walk doesn't mean you shouldn't also wear publicly appropriate footwear; even if you're not mobile, I can still see your feet, & house slippers - especially the animal-adorned kind - are not, have never been & will probably never be couture sole apparel. This guy, photographed at Adams Mill Bar & Grill in Adams Morgan, is totally quacked up.


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