Feline HIV. Believe it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

On lighter note, my favorite graffiti: It exists throughout the city, though no one appears to be quite sure why. This gem came from a construction awning somewhere in Dupont, though the exact same phrase is scrawled in the Big Hunt's bathroom.

Dear CAT AIDS writer: Who are you & why do you do the things you do? If you would respond to this post, it would probably be the best day of my life.

Tomorrow, I shall have more graffiti for you. Tonight, I am too tired to post.


  1. Feline AIDS is a real thing... my first cat died from it because he got into fights all over the neighborhood and came home with open wounds all the time... I suppose it could be some kind of slang term though? Peculiar graffiti, either way :P

  2. IT is me. I hate cats and have been trying to eradicate them by any and all means.

  3. It's been 13 years since I left the DC area, but I remember always seeing the tag "Disco Dan" practically everywhere. Cat Aids is a little different, though.

  4. When Ben was here visiting we went to the Big Hunt and had quite a laugh about this. I have a picture of it somewhere too; I think it may have ended up on Facebook, actually!

  5. i personally know several people that have been putting "cat aids" up places. they are just trying to be funny.


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