Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of a Snow Day


Okay, to be fair, it was snowing this morning – now, it’s just drizzling a wintry mix of hail, sleet & other icy miscellany. But there’s snow on the ground – real, honest-to-goodness snow covering the streets & sidewalks & trees & lampposts & subway grates. This is the first legitimate snow I’ve experienced since moving down South nearly a year & a half ago, & boy, is this a much-heralded change in precipitation. And because I hail from the ’burbs of the Buckeye State (where lake-effect snow regularly blows in anywhere from a few inches to a couple of feet of the fluffy stuff), the inch or so the District received today is a little wussy but a lot welcome.

Unfortunately, I've somehow misplaced the Napoleon Dynamite-style black plastic boots I owned in college (who loses boots? and how?), which is probably OK because, as I said, they'd never get much use here. That means, though, that I was today forced to wear my more-than-moderately embarrassing faux Uggs, which no self-respecting woman should feel adult donning. Still, even my humiliating footwear couldn’t dampen my spirits when I took to the outdoors today – everything feels more alive in new snow. It's a new perspective.

And there’s a potential bonus! Because the District is somewhat under-equipped to deal with what little ice & snow it does occasionally receive, word on the street is that office closings are neither unusual nor unexpected in weather like tonight’s. And although I like my job & all, I can’t say I’d be too bummed to spend a random Wednesday working from home in my pajamas & my purple boot slippers.

Rain, rain, don’t go away yet…
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