It's Tough Being a Vegetarian These Days...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funniest & most absurd conversation I've heard today (or in many days, for that matter), overheard at the Dupont Circle Firehook Bakery:

Firehook customer: "What kind of soups do you have today?"

Firehook employee: "Chicken & sausage gumbo, chicken basil & roasted butternut squash"

Customer: "Hmm... between chicken sausage gumbo & chicken basil, which one's better? Which should I get?"

Employee: "Well, I think the chicken basil is vegetarian, so if you want meat, go for the other one. It's hearty."

Customer: "Ohh, OK, good call. I definitely want meat. I'll go with the chicken sausage gumbo."


  1. WTF? Reminds me of my grandmother - I'm vegetarian and she continually demonstrates a flawed understanding of what this means. "Yes, I made it by adding bacon fat. Glad you can at least eat that!"

  2. Ha ha ha ha. Once I went to the boyfriend's grandmother's house and she insisted that I eat chicken after I said I was going vegetarian (a long-lost dream). I said no, I'm doing vegetarian. And then she said "what about beef?" And I thought, really? Seriously? :)

  3. well, since i only eat chicken that grows on trees, i thought it was a fruit anyway.

  4. hey there!! Saw your comment on my post...guess I worded that wrong; we have 2-3 different names to choose from for either boy or girl...but still not 100% sold on those names....does that make more sense!?!? And, I totally agree about the buying girl items vs boy items...we have too many boys; there needs to be a girl

  5. Um, yeah, sure - chicken is vegetarian unless it's paired with sausage lol


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