Cloudy With a Chance of a Snow Day

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Okay, to be fair, it was snowing this morning – now, it’s just drizzling a wintry mix of hail, sleet & other icy miscellany. But there’s snow on the ground – real, honest-to-goodness snow covering the streets & sidewalks & trees & lampposts & subway grates. This is the first legitimate snow I’ve experienced since moving down South nearly a year & a half ago, & boy, is this a much-heralded change in precipitation. And because I hail from the ’burbs of the Buckeye State (where lake-effect snow regularly blows in anywhere from a few inches to a couple of feet of the fluffy stuff), the inch or so the District received today is a little wussy but a lot welcome.

Unfortunately, I've somehow misplaced the Napoleon Dynamite-style black plastic boots I owned in college (who loses boots? and how?), which is probably OK because, as I said, they'd never get much use here. That means, though, that I was today forced to wear my more-than-moderately embarrassing faux Uggs, which no self-respecting woman should feel adult donning. Still, even my humiliating footwear couldn’t dampen my spirits when I took to the outdoors today – everything feels more alive in new snow. It's a new perspective.

And there’s a potential bonus! Because the District is somewhat under-equipped to deal with what little ice & snow it does occasionally receive, word on the street is that office closings are neither unusual nor unexpected in weather like tonight’s. And although I like my job & all, I can’t say I’d be too bummed to spend a random Wednesday working from home in my pajamas & my purple boot slippers.

Rain, rain, don’t go away yet…


  1. I was raised in the district. Maybe it is just the rosy tint through which we view our personal history, but the winters of my youth were nothing like the candy-ass faux winters we have seen in these parts the last ten years. Sadly we have not gotten an better at managing it.

  2. You should see what's coming down here, TONS of the white stuff! I'll make a snow angel for you. LUYKW

  3. I was thinking of you yesterday - my friend lives in DC and was here in town yesterday. She mentioned a "storm" brewing in DC and anticipated her flight being delayed LOL It's so funny that the whole capitol shuts down for a little bit of snow! Hope you have a snow day - working from home in pj's sounds like a divine day to me!

  4. I can't say I've seen Rachel Gets Married... I really REALLY want to. The list I made was based on who I thought the Academy would pick based on what other award shows did, who was in each movie, who they've picked in the past, etc. Perhaps it was nominated because Anne Hathaway played a TOTALLY different part than those we're used to seeing her in? Will "Bride Wars" ruin it for her (Like Norbit did for Eddie Murphy?)

  5. I was raised in Upper Michigan and moved to the DC area during high school. I still laugh about the ice storm of '95 that shut the Gov down for 3 days. Pansies! I live in Florida now where they still talk about the night it snowed back in 1989. These people can't even function in the rain so I can't imagine their reactions to snow.

    BTW - I've been lurking for weeks and your blog brings back so many memories. I really enjoy it!

  6. I love how Barack mocked DC for giving in to a little ice yesterday. But I've been here a while now, from North Jersey, and it is really great when DC admits there's such a thing as winter and gives us a little snow.


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