Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Boots with the Fur!

How could I forget to post this photo?! While meandering around Capitol Hill last weekend with Rebecca, my out-of-town visitor from the Big Apple, we spotted this woman prancing around town donning duds that signified Arctic weather conditions.

Oh, I'm sorry, you can't see it? Let me zoom in for you:

I have so many questions. Like: Do you think her friends are embarrassed to be seen out in public with her? Do you think PETA activists keel over dead as she passes them? Do you think those boots shed? How many animals do you think went into the making of this outfit? And where the hell is she a native of? I mean, it was chilly out, sure - but, like, 35-degreesish chilly, not subzero chilly. Whence came this yeti???
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