Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Thing I'm Always Late to Work

Leave it to me to sleep through a bomb scare.

When I left my apartment this morning for work, there were people crowded in the lobby & on the street, watching a gaggle of police cars, fire trucks & news crews run around outside our building. Apparently there was a car left out front with its hazards on for quite awhile, & the bomb squad was called in in case it was, you know, a car bomb or something. They even shut down a few blocks & the Cleveland Park Metro station -- Washington Post brief is here.

I'm reminded of the summer I interned in DC, when a red picnic cooler was left outside a nearby embassy. The bomb squad was called in, blocks were cordoned off & much time was spent assessing the situation. When the cooler was finally opened, it contained a few turkey sandwiches & a couple cans of Coca Cola. Somewhere, a tourist family - not to be confused with a terrorist family - was missing their lunchtime snack.

Just another reason I'm glad I'm not an early riser.
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