Friday, July 25, 2008

The Daytime Hooker Look

Listen, I like a little black dress as much as the next classy lady, but come on -- white patent heels AND a matching bag at 4 p.m. on a Wednesday???

Sadly, what was cut out of this picture was the best part: this girls' roots -- which matched her dress -- & the crazy, oversized, white faux flower that dominated her left boob. You can juuust see it poking over her left shoulder. Priceless.

Sole Decision

Even in the big city -- or maybe I should say ESPECIALLY in the big city -- such footwear is NEVER, EVER acceptable in public.

In other shoes news, a note to the woman who clomped down the escalator to the Dupont Circle Metro this afternoon: If your descent into public transportation sounds like a goddamn horse race, you should probably rethink your footwear choices.

(I should note that the girl in this picture wearing the green flats is to be commended for her uber-cute, enviable choice of shoes. Very acceptable.)

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