WMATA Five-Oh: Underground Edition

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I don't know whether I can describe last night's late-night goings-on any better than my dear friend Rebecca, who eloquently & verbosely articulated on her blog, Blake Take Two, the sight we saw a mere 24 hoursish ago -- but, of course, I shall try.

METRO ARRESTS! That's right, as we descended the escalator into the Dupont Circle Metro Station, a cop rushed past us to give a pat-down & a handcuffing to a disgruntled-looking young criminal of some sort. Our curiosity, of course, was piqued, but we carried on. Please forgive the lighting and haziness of the pic that follows, but I was a bit concerned about the legality of photographing an arrest & therefore made no second attempt when the first came out looking like the
equivalent of an ultrasound, where I'm like, "There's a hand!" and you're like, "That looks like a pixelated chicken." Basically, it's an onlooker (with possible involvement) watching as the copper cuffs our perp:

Imagine our excitement in discovering that Arrest Numero Uno was only 50% of the excitement. Two more of D.C.'s finest were making their way to the train platform, where they were greeted with wild applause from onlookers. Sadly, it was unclear what had gone down prior to our arrival &, therefore, what the applause was for, but we assume the innocent Metro-waiting bystanders were so exasperated by whatever crime was occurring that their applause was an expression of sheer relief at the five-ohs' arrival.

I snapped the following photo of a ring of cops surrounding the apparent suspect, whom I overheard yelling, "I was just defendin' myself!" which leads me to to believe the whole thing was just some teenage tussle.
Either way, you know I love me some public transportation exhilaration!!!


  1. Questioning photographing an arrest? You have a journalism degree!

  2. OK, so mostly... I just didn't want to get yelled at.


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