Wrapper's Delight

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I got off the Metro this afternoon & picked up a banana from my favorite street corner vendor, a stocky Arab woman with super-cheap prices & a good selection of food that's completely devoid of any nutritional value (OK, except for the banana, obviously). As I searched her rack of chip selections for a bag of Sun Chips, I came across the most glorious potato snack ever created. I don't intend to eat them, of course, but how could I pass up the hilarity of the bag they came in?

I've heard tell of these Rap Snacks, designed to attract teenage inner-city kids to potato-chip eating. Apparently Doritos' advertising scheme is not workin' the ghetto vibe. Rap Snacks to the rescue! Rap Snacks, which claims to be a 10-year-old company (a fact of which I am skeptical), basically just slaps a hip-hop star's face on poorly designed bags & hopes to hit it big in the apparently otherwise-neglected inner-city potato chip industry.

If you can't see clearly, the flavor of chips contained inside this particular bag is "Bar-b-quin' with my HONEY," which I assume means Honey BBQ, although my suburban slangless roots can't be sure of my deciphering skills. What actually freaks me out the most is that the bag with Yung Joc on them is HONEY DEW flavored. What does that mean? Like... actual honeydew? The fruit? Or is this somehow slang, too?

Whatever. Who am I to rag on the "official snack of hip-hop"? Gotta give somebody credit for innovation...


  1. Hahahahaha. Wow. I need to get me some of those. But who is the rapper on the bag? Kid from Kid N Play?

  2. Holy crap!



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