Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bar-B-quin' with my HONEY

As a follow-up to this post, I am somewhat ashamed to say that I caved today (i.e. got really hungry) & actually ate the Rap Snacks.

Even more shameful?
They tasted WONDERFUL.
Somebody tell Lil Romeo that I'm a believer.

Chickening Out on a Hometown Hero

I could've met former astronaut & Ohio Senator John Glenn yesterday, had I not been A) too impatient to wait for the crowd around him to thin, & B) too wussy to say anything to him anyway.

I try not to have regrets, but MAN, do I wish I'd stuck around to meet John Glenn. I'm not sure what I would've said ("Hey! I drove down the John & Annie Glenn Highway on my way to college" seems ridiculous), but I could've at least tried.

As a consolation prize, I left the event (a memorial service for fellow Ohio Senator Howard Metzenbaum, who died in March) & stepped onto an elevator occupied by some current member of the Senate rushing to a floor vote. Unfortunately, I have no idea who he was.
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