Just 3 Small Goals for September: Wiping the Slate Clean

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I'm going totally rogue this month. First, I admitted to you that I read a whopping zero books in August, & now I'm admitting that I accomplished basically none of my monthly goals - for the second month in a row. Instead of listing them here & explaining myself & feeling bad, though, I'm just going to set some new ones & move forward.

  1. Relax - like, for real - on our vacation. I leave on Friday for New England, & I could not be more excited. Yes, I've been out of town a lot this summer, but most of them have been with reason (namely, to attend weddings), & I haven't spent much time just enjoying life. Honestly, I feel pretty burned out, so my hope is that this trip feels restorative & actually relaxing.
  2. Do some introspection during Elul. What's Elul, you ask? It's the Hebrew month that preceds the Jewish High Holidays, & it's traditionally a time of reflection, repentance, review, & inspiration. I've got a few self-reflective activities in progress & in mind, so expect a post on this soon - & if you want to know more about Elul, check out "Elul: 5 Things to Know About the Lead-Up to the High Holidays." (Full disclosure: I work for the website linked there!)
  3. Find someplace to go for the High Holidays. I've not yet figured out where I'll be spending Rosh HaShanah or Yom Kippur, which has, in the past, led me not to observe the holidays in a community at all. My mom is going to Columbus for them, & I can't make it there, so I'll have to sort out someplace else to go.
This is all I'm "planning" for September; these are my only goals. 

Life has been busy & stressful & a little bit too much for me, overall, a lot of going through the motions & trying to keep up - so I want to use this month as an opportunity to reset & to center myself, to feel calm & capable & ready for the end of 2019 (& the start of the Jewish year of 5780). 

Green Day once sang "Wake me up when September ends," but as for me? Well, I'm hoping September is the perfect opportunity for me to begin to feel awake & present again. 

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