6 Small Goals for August

Friday, August 2, 2019

OK, let's get this out of the way: I didn't accomplish a single one of my July goals. Womp. I was inclined, initially, to just leave them out of this post entirely, but let's go through 'em anyway, knowing that I knocked nary a one of them off the list.
  1. Do a "don't-spend" month. I saved $45 by socking away money I would otherwise have spent on stuff I didn't need. But I also spent plenty of money on other stuff I didn't need. 
  2. Only eat out for lunch one day a week. I might have actually done this one, but I forgot & stopped keeping track of it. Oops. Mike did start meal-prepping on Sundays, though, so I've eaten a lot of lunches at home lately - much more than usual! 
  3. Read I Will Teach You to Be Rich. Nope. Lately I find that I never want to read physical copies of books because I usually read in bed, in the dark, from my Kindle. So I put myself on the waitlist for the library's ebook version of this one to be read at a later date. 
  4. Plan our New England trip. Uhhh, no, & this one is fairly pressing. We've sorted out some of the logistics, but we've made so actual reservations or plans. 
  5. Get to bed before midnight. I did this a little bit, especially toward the beginning of the month, & then I fell off the early-to-bed wagon & went right back to my 1:00 a.m. ways. 
  6. Get my blood pressure reading taken three times. I did this once. Crap. 
I'm, uh, gonna aim a little lower this month, OK? OK. It's the last month of summer, after all. So here's what's on the docket:
  1. Finish Harness the Summer (or close enough to finish on time). My cycling studio's annual summer challenge runs until early September, & if I complete all 30 tasks on the list, I get a free month. I want to be done or very, very close to it by the end of August.
  2. Wash the kitchen floors. I'm so bad at doing this, & they need it so badly. I sweep & vacuum, but I rarely, like, scrub, so I'd like to give everything a good, deep(ish) clean before fall arrives.
  3. Start blogging regularly again. I've been abysmal at sticking to my usual blogging schedule this summer, so I'd like to make more of an effort to get back to my usual 3x a week - or at least twice a week.
  4. Declutter. Mike did a great job of cleaning up & decluttering while I was in Milwaukee, but I need to do some of my own - & importantly, I need to actually get the boxes of stuff we declutter out of our home! 
  5. No more iPhone games. I've never been a games person, but last month, I downloaded Wordscapes & Toon Blast, & I've been fully obsessed with both. It's a time-suck with no real value add, so I'm deleting them from my phone for August.
  6. Try more yoga. Mike & I did a yoga video together last week, & I was surprised to find that I loved it. I want to try a couple more of them this month, just to get a feel for it.
Here's hoping I'm a little bit more successful in August than I was in July! What are your August goals?

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