5 Things the Internet Has Convinced Me to Buy (So Far)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Lately, I've taken to admitting: I am particularly susceptible to Instagram advertising.

I mean, to some extent, aren't we all? This is a big-money business. In the third quarter of 2018, Instagram generated an estimated $2 billion - which accounted for 15% parent company of Facebook’s $13 billion in ad revenue. And that's only expected to continue to grow.

Something about Instagram ads, in particular, just feels so perfectly targeted. They're always speaking to me, man. I'm a marketer! I should know better! It's embarrassing! And yet, I keep on hitting that "Order" button on products I first discover through social media.

Here are five of the products that snagged me - & whether they were worth it.

1. Rothy's: The Point (Flats)

Cost: $145 per pair (but $20 off your first pair with a referral link)

Where I saw them: Instagram, obviously

Why I bought them: I was inspired to buy a pair of Rothy's after I worked a conference wearing Target flats that looked cheap & made my feet hurt. I thought, "I am 34 freaking years old, & I should be wearing adult shoes." I went home & immediately ordered a pair of black Rothy's, which I'd been eyeing because they seemed to have great reviews in the IG comments.

Verdict: These shoes are expensive, which sucks, because I want to own a million pairs. But they're wonderful enough - & comfortable enough - that, yes, I want to own a million pairs. They are, from now on, probably the only shoes I wear.

Referral? I've already raved about these shoes on Instagram, & quite a few friends have pulled the trigger on buying their own pairs as a result of my raving. If you want to do the same, my referral link gets you $20 off your first pair.

2. Girlfriend: High-Rise Compression Leggings

Cost: $68

Where I saw them: Blame it on the 'gram again

Why I bought them: Since I started going spinning classes on a regular basis, I've also started seeking out high-quality, comfortable, cute workout clothes. Girlfriend is sustainable & ethical, & they offer inclusive sizing options - a rarity to find all in one company.

Verdict: I've already written an entire blog post about how much I love these leggings, so I don't need to tell you about 'em again. Suffice it to say I own four pairs & can't check Girlfriend's website anymore because I can't keep myself from buying. I love them, I love them, I love them. 

Referral? Yep! If you want to love them, too, my referral link will get you $10 off a $95 purchase.

3. Native Shoes: AP Mercury Liteknit Sneakers

Cost: $45 (on sale from $90)

Where I saw them: Instagram Stories, specifically

Why I bought them: On IG, their Audrey shoes looked soooo dreamy & perfect for summer that I sprung for the Audrey Bling in "metal bling." Unfortunately, when they arrived, they were too big, & they were also... well, hella ugly & cheap, like Crocs trying to be fancy. I returned the Audreys... & decided to try again, ordering the AP Mercury Liteknit in "mochi," a final-sale color.

Why would I try again with a pair of shoes that were final sale? I'm not always a smart person - but luckily, they worked out. When the site says these shoes "transcend the limits of weightlessness," they're not just being dramatic or douchey: These sneakers are super lightweight & almost feel like wearing slippers. (Mine are chartreuse, BTW, which is similar to the current "sunny green" option.)

Verdict: I wouldn't order another pair, but I like the ones I bought. Don't, however, be fooled by those dreamy-looking Audreys, which don't live up to the Insta-hype.

Referral? No, but signing up for their email newsletter will save 10% on your first purchase.

4. Flamingo: Face Wax Kit

Cost: $10

Where I saw them: Instagram Stories

Why I bought them: Do I have a particularly hairy face? I don't think so - but I do have a little peach-fuzz mustache (don't we all?), & I don't take care of it as well as I should. Their IG Stories ad of a girl actually waxing her upper lip made me cringe... & also captivated me? This kit includes soft gel face wax strips, plus post-wax essentials to soothe skin.

Verdict: I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about a face waxing kit, really. Face waxing always sort of sucks & hurts? But Flamingo has great minimalist branding & design, & this little package includes all I'll need to keep my baby mustache away for the rest of the year, probably. It's not like I wax super often? Would buy again/would recommend.

Referral: No, but they're pretty inexpensive, overall - with free shipping!

5. ThirdLove: 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra

Cost: $68, though you save money if you buy multiple bras

Where I saw them: Instagram & Facebook (plus podcast ads!)

Why I bought them: Buying new bras is the worrrrst, & it sucks to spend so much money on something so vital & boring. ThirdLove sold me with their boob quiz, their sizing options, & their 60-day return policy - & once my first bra arrived, I liked it so much (& it made my boobs look so good) that I immediately ordered two more of the same.

Verdict: Weirdly, I think I liked my bras better in the first few days I wore them than I do now, a few months later. They feel slightly less comfortable than they did before - but maybe my body has changed, not the bras? Who knows, but I'd still buy them again.

Referral? I think my referral link gets you $15 off your first bra, but their instructions aren't super clear. But, uh, if you use it to buy something, I'll get $15 off, so hey, if you're feelin' nice...

What have you bought after seeing it advertised online? Anything you're thiiiiisclose to buying?

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