My New Favorite Leggings - & All Your Questions About Them

Monday, March 25, 2019

First things first: This is not a sponsored post. I own two pairs of Girlfriend Collective high-rise compression leggings & one of their bras, all paid for with my own hard-earned dollars. No sponsorship here - though I can't say I'd turn one down if the company happens to see this & come askin'.

With that out of the way, hi, let's discuss Girlfriend Collective leggings.

My second pair arrived on Friday, & when I posted about them on my Instagram Stories, I got so many DMs asking about them that I thought I'd just whip up a blog post that answers everything in one place & shares why this is my newest favorite brand.

I think I first learned about Girlfriend Collective via Instagram. Ahhh, 2019. Their products are made out of recycled plastic water bottles & other recycled items, so I was immediately intrigued. And while the sustainable fashion angle is what hooked me, it's the leggings themselves that have be fully obsessed.

These leggings make me feel body-confident in a way no other clothing, especially workout clothing, yet has - & if you ask me, that's worth sharing. Here, I've a few of your questions about them & why I like them so much.

What do you mean, they're made from water bottles?

Girlfriend's site says of their compressive leggings, which I own: "made from 79% recycled polyester (or RPET) and 21% spandex; our leggings are made from 25 recycled post-consumer bottles." No, the fabric does not feel weird or thick or plasticky; it feels soft & buttery & smooth. (Their LITE leggings are made with recycled fish nets - but I haven't tried them yet.)

Where/how are they made?

Sadly, not American-made. From their site, "Our facility in Taiwan that specializes in eco-friendly and high-quality textiles has developed one of the best processes for turning recycled water bottles into safe, soft fabric." More on that here, if you're sciencey!

Are they opaque?

Yep! I own the plum & indigo leggings, & both are completely opaque. The only caveat, noted on the tags when your leggings arrive, is that their ivory leggings are not guaranteed opaque; they recommend pairing them with nude or light-colored undergarments. That said, I'm not the kinda gal who's going to wear white leggings, so I, for one, don't need to worry about that.

Can you move in them?

Yes! A friend told me she'd tried the brand a couple years ago & found that the waistband restricted her movement, but I haven't experienced that, at least with the high-rise compression leggings. They're completely movable & breathable, & I don't feel constricted at all when wearing them - which is how leggings should be, right?!

Are they thick enough to hide panty lines? 

I can't see my own butt, but I think so! I wear regular old bikini undies when I ride, & I don't thiiiink you can see them or tell when I've got my Girlfriend leggings on.

Do they wear out around the crotch?

I haven't owned mine for long enough yet to be able to tell, but because they're made of polyester & Spandex, it seems unlikely that this material will wear out in that way. They're definitely not made of the kind of fabric that will pill or, like, stretch so much that it loses its shape.

Do they have pockets?

There's one small pocket inside the back of the waistband, large enough for a credit card & a key, but my iPhone doesn't fit in it.

What about the bras & tops?

The only non-leggings item I've tried is the Topanga bra, which, to be honest, just doesn't offer enough support - like at all - for someone with, uh, a chest like mine. My bobs are spilling out the sides of it! I'd like to try the Paloma bra but haven't gotten to it yet.

They're expensive! Are they worth it?

This is, of course, a matter of opinion, but in my opinion, yes, if you can afford the splurge. I don't own Lululemon leggings, but these cost less & come in many more sizes than Lululemon offers (up to 6XL). They're thick, comfy, high-quality, & slow fashion, & there are usually a couple discount codes floating around - so, to me, they're worth it.

Any downsides?

They're pricey & not American-made, either or both of which may turn folks off to the brand. They also take a long time to arrive because they're shipped from Taiwan & have to clear customs. One annoying thing: It can be tough to snag the items you want in the colors & sizes you want. Because they're "slow fashion," it can take awhile for Girlfriend to restock - & things sell out quickly! If you've got your eye on something, check back regularly for it.

Do you have a referral link?

OK, fine, no one asked me this, but yes, I do! Unfortunately, it only works if you're ordering $95 worth of apparel or more, but hey, if you're spendin' big, here you go: This referral link will give you $10 off your first purchase of $95 or more.

And that's that. I don't usually shill for brands like this, but there was so much interest when I first shared on Instagram that I thought I'd make it easy for people to learn more & to read my honest opinion all in one place. Hope it's helpful to you, if you were curious about this brand!

Have you tried Girlfriend Collective? Are there other athleisure brands you love?

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