6 Small Goals for March

Monday, March 4, 2019

I'm feelin' pretty good about February, lemme tell ya. In some ways, it was a difficult month - but nowhere near as difficult as January was. I hope March is a little bit kinder to me than either of them were, but overall, I can't complain.
  1. Heal. My knee still hurts - it's definitely significantly bruised - but it no longer feels loose, wiggly, swollen, or unstable. Phew! I went to Harness Cycle only twice in February, both times too soon, but feel like I'll be ready to return for real this week. I have two free passes, so let me know if you want to join me!
  2. Complete a modified no-spend month. I'm going to cross this off the list because I did, in fact, make a big effort not to spend frivolously in February. I fell off the wagon toward the end of the month, but spending less on unnecessary things did, overall, allow me to buy items I'd needed but hadn't been prioritizing - & to sock away more into savings than usual.
  3. Sort out my medications. Done, I think! My neurologist & I have agreed on my medication & dosage, though I encountered some issues trying to get my last refill. My pharmacist is trying to sort that out, so I should be good to go very soon - & the medication itself is working wonderfully. Instagram explanation here, with a full blog post to come.
  4. Take down the Christmas tree. Not to be revisited until the appropriate season returns! 
  5. Eat better. I'm really excited to say that I have been doing this - & hope to continue, of course. I started using Noom, a health app (get 20% off with my referral link, if you're interested), & I've been using it to track my food & exercise, better understand my habits, get support from others in a similar phase of their Noom experience, etc. I also signed up for meals through Raw Trainer, which ensure that I always have something healthy and tasty on hand. 
  6. Get my airbags replaced. I haven't done this yet, but only because my car started rattling, & I needed to get it fixed urgently. My uncle, who is a mechanic, had time to take a look, so my car has been with him for the last week. (I needed four new tires. Ouch!)
All in all, it was a pretty successful month, especially given that the one thing I didn't complete was for a good reason - that I was taking care of my car in another much-needed way! 
  1. Finish & file our taxes. This is kind of cheating, because we've hired an accountant - a longtime family friend - to do our taxes for us. Still, I want to be sure it's all done & out of the way well before the April filing deadline. 
  2. Stop picking my eyelashes. Ugh, this has become my absolute worst habit. I used to suffer from trichotillomania, & while I don't overall have problems with it anymore, I do find myself picking at my eyelashes again lately - mostly at my mascara, but eyelashes come out with it, & I don't have any to spare! I switched mascaras to one that I feel less inclined to pick at, but I really need to just try harder not to pick. Anyone else have this problem? Any tips to share? 
  3. Keep a clean home. I've been doing a really good job, lately, of keeping things neat & organized - in part because cleaning the house helps me get in steps on cold winter days when I'd otherwise not be inclined to move much. I'd like to focus on making this a habit that I can continue in the long-term. 
  4. Finish Michelle Obama's book. I know, it's a little weird of me to include a specific book on my goals list, given that I usually read so much & so quickly. For some reason, I haven't yet gotten through Becoming, & I need to make sure it's all read before my mom & I go see the First Lady at Playhouse Square later this month! 
  5. Schedule a dentist appointment. I've got some blog news to share soon, related to the dentist - yes, really, & it's fun news! - so stay tuned for that, hopefully coming in March. I haven't been to the dentist in... um, an embarassingly long time.
  6. Organize my books. I feel like Mike's & my books are taking over. I read a lot on Kindle... but continue to hoard paper books that I then don't get to (because I prefer to read in bed, in the dark); he has books everywhere, including about 40 of them in the trunk of my car. We need to purge, give away, & maybe take some of them to a secondhand store - & then organize the rest. We also have two new-to-us bookshelves that we need to assemble, which will go a long way in making this goal a reality. 
What's on your docket for March? Let me know!

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