A Wishlist for my 34th Birthday

Friday, July 20, 2018

My birthday is August 5th, & while I already wrote about what I've bought as birthday gifts to myself, there are still a few things left on my wishlist. I haven't purchased any of these for myself yet, but... well, who am I kidding? At some point, I probably will.
  1. More Harness Cycle classes: A pack of 10 classes costs $140, which is a little tough on my budget. I'm trying my best to make it work, but I'm up to two or three classes per week, so a gift card would go a long way in helping me keep up that pace.
  2. Workout clothes: Who am I? Mannn, I dunno, but I know that I don't have enough capri pants to be going to three cycling classes a week. I'd love an Old Navy or Athleta gift card to jumpstart a new workout wardrobe. And I want, like, 10 more of this sports bra.
  3. A cupping appointment: If you've ever watched Olympic swimming, you're familiar with the perfectly circular bruises on the back & arms of many of the medalists. I know a few folks who swear by it, & I've been dying to try it myself. A few places in the Cleveland area do it.
  4. Car detailing: Have I asked for this for my birthday every year for the last three years? I think I have, which means I also haven't really cleaned my car for three years. Yes, I am disgusting.
  5. A deep-tissue massage: A new massage studio called Studio 888 opened on my street, & it's such a beautiful, calming space. I treated myself to a massage while we were on our honeymoon, & I'd loooove to do it again.
  6. All the Glossier: I joined the cult of Glossier when my friend Anna sent me a few items. Now I've got my eye on: the Milky Jelly Cleanser for a fresh face, Cloud Paint so I can learn how to use blush, a replacement Balm Dot Com Trio because mine's almost used up, & their Priming Moisturizer because I'm in the market for a good one.
  7. A Golden Snitch clock: Do I need this? Absolutely not. But do I desperately want it? Hells to the yes. Who doesn't want a Golden Snitch timepiece? This is part of Pottery Barn's teen collection, which is laughable, because Harry Potter is for everyone. 
What's on your wishlist? Are you planning to buy any of it for yourself? 

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