What I Bought Myself for My Birthday

Friday, July 13, 2018

My birthday is the first week in August, &, look, no one buys you piles of birthday gifts when you turn 34. (I mean, if you want to, please feel free!) I am, instead, a firm believer in the #treatyoself philosophy when it comes to birthday gifts. Though my birthday isn't for another few weeks, I've already purchased myself some pretty sweet gifts in early celebration.

Hamilton tickets

These were a triple gift: for Mike for our three-year dating anniversary, for my mom for Mother's Day, & for me for my birthday. We're going on August 3rd, the start of my birthday weekend - yes, all three of us. I couldn't resist! We are all so excited about it.

Secret Hitler

OK, bear with me. This game sounds weird & inappropriate, but it's a lot of fun. If you've ever played Mafia, this is similar, though in this game, you're trying to weed out the fascists - including one player acting alone as "Secret Hitler." We played it at the cabin in June, & I bought it almost immediately upon returning home.

A clip-on book light

Mike & I are smart, capable people with a nice, real, adult-ishs home... & yet, we didn't, until now, own book lights. That meant we had to read on Kindles or phones in the dark, or else get out of bed to turn off the lamp when we wanted to sleep after reading a paper book. Now, we have two book lights, one for each of us, so when we're done reading, we can simply flip a switch from bed. Magic!

Newsies enamel pin

Poor orphans & runaways, the Newsies were a ragged army, without a leader - until one day, all that changed..." I am the biggest Newsies fan, don't @ me - & don't talk to me about the Broadway version. I am a movie die-hard, & this pin is my favorite thing that has ever existed, I think, aside from the movie itself.

Eyerusalem Leather Passport Wallet

I first saw this passport cover on the Cleveland blog And Then We Tried, & at just $35 (plus a 20% coupon code for first-time buyers), I couldn't resist snagging one for myself. I got it personalized with my new initials, KBK - to match my new passport, coming soon.

A neon pink dress

This very brightly colored, lightly ruffled dress absolutely should not be my all-black-loving style, right? Right. And yet... it is. It so is. It was on clearance at Dress Barn, & it seemed like the perfect frock for the Lake Erie wedding I'm attending in mid-September. I couldn't resist.

What have you gotten for yourself lately? Or what's on your want-to-buy list? 

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