6 Small Goals for November

Friday, November 3, 2017

Just last month, I decided to start writing these "6 Small Goals" posts, a monthly opportunity to share what I'm working toward & to hold myself publicly accountable for getting ish done. You can find last month's post here, though I've recapped my October goals below. Let's go!

October Goal Progress

  1. Finish all major wedding prep. It would be most problematic, I suppose, if I hadn't achieved this goal, given that our wedding is in eight days - so, thankfully, I think I've got this one covered. Sure, there are a million little things left to do, but I feel like we've got a handle on them. Bring on the big day!
  2. Eat as healthfully as possible. Shocking absolutely no one, I did not achieve this goal, which I set for myself every month & day of every year & never achieve. I tried, sort of. But I also ate pizza & Ritz Bits cheese crackers & Halloween candy, so, uh, I didn't hit the mark here.
  3. Whiten my teeth. I kind of did this. I haven't yet sent in my Smile Direct molds, but I took the recommendation of a blog commenter & ordered charcoal toothpaste. When it arrived, I began using it twice a day. Do my teeth look whiter? I can't tell. But did I try? Well, sort of.
  4. Turn in my Cleveland Magazine assignment. This was a cheater goal, because I always meet my freelance deadlines & knew I would this time, too. That said, I'm proud of myself for reading two books so quickly & turning in what I felt was a thoughtful take on the assignment. We'll see if the editors feel the same - & if so, my pieces will go to print soon.
  5. Pull back on weekday plans. I'm especially proud of myself for this one. It's difficult to say no to something fun when you reaaaally want to say yes - especially when the Indians are in the playoffs! - but I knew I needed time to myself, time to plan, time to prep. Now, of course, I really miss my friends & my life, but it was worth it for all the wedding prep time.
  6. Hang out with my "little sister" twice. Yep, did this one! N wanted Olive Garden, so to Olive Garden we went for bottomless soup, salad, & breadsticks. Later in the month, we attended a BBBS event with other matches, a Cavs watch party with pizza & wings.

New Goals for November 

It seems crazy that November is here already, but here we are. It'll be holiday season before we know it! (Actually, I went to the mall a couple days ago, & they already had a giant wreath hanging out front...) Here's what I'm hoping to do this month, including the very obvious:
  1. Get married. Hey, this is happening! Harried as its been to plan a wedding, it's almost here - & come hell or high water, I'm ending November 11th with a husband.
  2. Start the process of changing my name. As I wrote earlier this year, I'm changing my whole name - first, middle, & last - when Mike & I get married.. Apparently it's a complex process to change anything more than your last name, so I don't expect it to happen quickly, but I'm going to start moving on it ASAP.
  3. Put new windshield wipers on my car. I've needed new wipes for months mow, & even though it's a totally easy fix, I've been dragging my feet on getting it done. Now that the weather is getting crummy - it's almost snow season! - it's time to check this off my to-do list.
  4. Hang artwork in my bedroom. Mike & I moved into our new apartment in May, & yet we still haven't hung most of our framed art on our walls. I've got a couple things hanging here & there, but after the wedding, I want to prioritize "finishing" our apartment so that it officially feels like home.
  5. Do yoga at least six times. Why six? I don't know, why not six? Right now, my yoga-doing is at zero, so I picked an arbitrary but relatively low number of times to try to practice in November.
  6. Start wearing my FitBit again. I'm great at wearing my FitBit Alta... until the battery dies. I can never seem to find the charger, & thus I never recharge it, so I only wear it for about five days per month. During the winter, I'm even less likely than usual to hit my daily step goals, so I'd like to start wearing my FitBit again in an effort to shame myself into moving more. (First step: Find said FitBit... & said FitBit charger...)
Do you have any suggestions for meeting my November goals? What are your small goals (or large ones!) for this month? 

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