Hanging on Tight to Autumn: The 5 Senses of My Favorite Season

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Guys, fall is almost over, & I am not happy about it. As I try to cling to the last remaining vestiges of my favorite season (which is also the shortest season, to my annual devastation), I've rounded up a quick list of a few of the best things about autumn.

I love the taste of... apple cider from Szalay's Farm in Peninsula, OH; my favorite fall booze, which I went through in this recent post; Friendsgiving food, especially the baked mac & cheese my friend Dubs makes; large soy lattes from Civilization, admittedly a daily indulgence; pumpkin bread from Starbucks (blessedly a rare indulgence).

I love the sight of... the gorgeous changing of the leaves across Northeast Ohio; autumn decor all over, from my own home to my favorite coffee shop; fall flowers like Sweet Alyssum, Russian sage, & chrysanthemums; little kids in Halloween costumes; my mom's puppies frolicking in piles of fall leaves; cozy, comfy, jewel-toned fall fashion.

I love the feel of... the goopy insides of a pumpkin as it becomes a jack-o-lantern; comfy clothes, like soft, slouchy sweaters over leggings-as-pants; those weird, bumpy gourds that are everywhere in the fall; my favorite faux fur blanket when I'm snuggled up on my couch in cold weather.

I love the smell of... leafblowers, that strange mix of leaves & gasoline; The Body Shop's Vanilla Pumpkin line, especially the hand cream; bonfires, especially when people burn their leaves (rare in the city); lots of scented candles burning in my cozy little apartment.

I love the sound of... dry leaves crackling beneath my feet as I walk; John Mayer's "Something's Missing," the most autumnal song to ever exist; the wind whipping through the trees at night; waking up to rain hitting the windows; the Cavs on my TV screen (even when they're not doing so great).

I usually like winter, but I'm admittedly having a hard time saying goodbye to autumn this year. Does it haaaaave to get colder?! Better enjoy it while I can...

Thanks to The Body Shop for providing me a complimentary set of their Vanilla Pumpkin line in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, all views are my own - but in my view, it'd be worth it to snag a few items from this line while they're on sale. They smell divine! 

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