Live Like a Local: My Newest Gig is Writing Tips for CLE Travelers!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ever since my opportunity to write for Hearst's online sites fell through (they shut down their freelance platform in June!) I've been looking for new opportunities to get back into writing. I share plenty on this blog, of course, but I've missed writing for varied audiences.

I was really excited, then, to hear from a rep at Localeur asking if I'd be interested in coming on board as a Cleveland-based writer. Localeur is a travel-focused discovery platform designed to help travelers live like locals in whatever city they're visiting. So far, the site is in 40 cities, & they're expanding quickly.

The site is set up in the form of "recs," lists based around a theme. Each rec includes four to six places & a short description of what's worth checking out, with the end result being lists that can help you find the best brunch in town, the coolest cocktails in the city, or even just the best all-around spots in a certain neighborhood. I get to pick what recs I'm interested in writing, based on my knowledge of the city & what I think visitors might like to know about. Fun, right?

Cleveland is one of the newer cities on Localeur's list, so they don't yet have as robust a presence here as they do in bigger cities - which is why I see so much potential. There's so much to do in Cleveland, but it can be kind of difficult to ferret out the interesting stuff, especially if you don't live here or don't get out much. What's worth checking out beyond the usual places that you hear about over & over again? I want to help highlight some of those.

So far, I've written three recs, which you can find here:
Of course, I'm already brainstorming tons of other recs I could write, though I don't want to be the crazy freelancer who writes too much content. Funny thing to worry about, right?

If Localeur is in your city or a city you're planning to visit soon, I hope you'll check them out & poke around a bit to find a rec that will help you better explore. And if there's something you'd like to know about Cleveland? Get at me, & I'll round up a list for you!

Go forth & explore, kiddos.

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