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Thursday, February 9, 2017

I'll admit, I'm not much of a podcast person. I think it's mostly because, working from home, I don't have a daily commute, & so I never quite know when to listen to podcasts. I don't spend a lot of time in my car, & I don't spend any time on public transportation, so... I dunno what to do with a podcast.

I eased into them slowly, starting with everyone's favorite, Serial (& once saw its creators live!); now, I listen to them when I'm cleaning the house or putting on makeup in the morning. Of course, that doesn't leave me time to listen to many podcasts, so I have to be picky about which ones I decide to listen to. At any given time, I'm way behind on the ones I like most, but I do still try.

I know there are probably tons of podcasts out there that I'd love, if only I could find them & make time to try them... but I haven't, you know, done that. Have podcast suggestions? Leave me a comment below & let me know what you're listening to! For now, here are my faves.

My Favorite Murder 

This is my current most-listened-to podcast, & because I didn't discover it until it was 40 episodes in, I've got an endless supply of episodes to catch up on. In each episode, comedy writers Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark discuss their "favorite" murder stories (& the occasional survivor story), both famous & unknown. It sounds super messed up, & I guess it sort of is, but it taps into that common anxiety that drives people like me to fall into Wikipedia rabbit holes of serial killer stories. It helps that Karen & Georgia are brilliantly funny& often stray off-topic. New episodes every week.

The Shepod

LA-based hosts Sara Tenenbein & Rachael King (a former blogger I knew in D.C.) talk about life over Sunday morning booze - what they're eating, wearing, watching, etc. Their topics run the gamut from dogs to feminism to '90s pop culture, & they also run an active Facebook group where they & their listeners share  similarly snarky content between episodes. This one feels like brunch with your BFFs. New episodes every other Sunday. 


This true crime podcast is easily my overall favorite. I've listened to every episode, & I like that the episodes are of varying lengths . Criminal "understands crime as something sociological, historical, even anthropological," writes New York Magazine. In each episode, former journalist Phoebe Judge tells the story of some crime or an element of one, but not always the "If it bleeds, it leads" kind; they're always a little bit offbeat, interesting, unique. The first episode, for example, is about death by... owl. New episodes twice a month.

Women of the Hour

Hosted by Lena Dunham, this podcast is a lot of aimless rambling, but it sort of feels like conversations with your girlfriends. Topics include friendship, love, work, bodie, & feminism, & guest stars include Ashley Ford, Emma Stone, Janet Mock, Gina Rodriguez, Zosia Mamet, & other ladies I'd like to befriend. I'm wayyyy behind but imagine I'll catch up on a long car ride one of these days, or something (I listened to the first season while deep-cleaning my bathroom). When in season, new episodes come out weekly.

The Swirl Podcast

Here's another one I'm way behind on. Swirl is hosted by my friend Stephanie, a straight white woman, & her friend Kodi, a gay black man (hence the name of the show). While they do discuss race, they also talk about, well, everything, as loudmouthed folks are wont to do. Says the podcast's Twitter bio, "Our favorite workout? Running our mouths. A podcast where we struggle each week to find out who is crazier." Be warned: Their voices are rill loud. New episodes every week. 


This NPR podcast is "about the invisible forces that control human behavior - ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions." If that sounds way beyond you comprehension, don't worry, I thought the same thing... & it's not. Topics include, for example, "personalities" & "thoughts" - how the intangible defines us. I'm not usually much of an NPR person (sorry), but this podcast is fascinating, & hosts Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin, & Alix Spiegel manage to present scientific information in ways that feel relatable, compelling, & even life-changing. I think about the "fear" episode at least once a week. No new episodes since July 2016, unfortunately.

The FourFiftyOne

At this moment in history, how can you not be down with a podcast that bills itself as "a podcast for the resistance"? This newish project is hosted by Summer Brennan, Jesse Hirsch, and Jonathan Mann, two journalists & a musician who discuss what it means to be an American in the age of Trump. Its name comes from the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, set in a dystopian America. New episodes every week.

What's your favorite podcast? Let me know what else I should be listening to!

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