19 Reasons I'm Excited for Fall

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's no secret that summer & I aren't friends. But just as I very quickly & easily penned 19 things I dislike about summer, I can just as easily come up with 19 things I look forward to about autumn. Actually, I could probably come up with 19 more, if needed, because I really, really like autumn. And fine, it was 82 degrees in Cleveland today, but those two days of fall-like weather we had last week were enough to get me excited.

Here's what I'm most looking forward to:
  1. No more sweating
  2. That crisp fall air & the smell that accompanies it
  3. Actually wanting to go outside again (see #1 & #2) 
  4. Finally wearing my hair down again (see #1)
  5. Finally wearing boots, sweaters, & jeans again
  6. Flavors like cinnamon, maple, & salted caramel
  7. Warm, cozy, hot coffee drinks in all the above flavors 
  8. Warm, cozy, hot foods, like soup & casseroles
  9. Leaves changing color...
  10. ...& later, leaves crunching underfoot 
  11. So many festivals!
  12. The return of fall TV (I'm lookin' at you, Grey's Anatomy.)
  13. The High Holidays
  14. Getting off work for the High Holidays (a special working-for-a-Jewish-org bonus)
  15. My favorite holiday, Halloween, & all its accompanying festivities
  16. Significantly lower electricity bills
  17. The arrival of football season (Go Browns! Go Bucks!)
  18. Mike's birthday (especially because he's turning 30 this month)
  19. Going to Szalay's to pick out pumpkins & produce 
What are you looking forward to this fall?

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