Things I Love Right Now (Pt. V)

Friday, September 2, 2016

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, eh? I thought I didn't have enough new obsessions to pull together a list, & yet, here I am, obsessing aloud in list form. Here's a quick look at what I'm into these days:
  1. Pretty By Post: If there's one thing I love, it's sending snail mail to friends & family - & if there's another thing I love, it's subscription boxes. What's more perfect for me, then, than a monthly subscription service that sends half a dozen handmade greeting cards? And curated by a fellow Ohioan, no less!
  2. Starbucks Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato: I hate ordering this because it's just so many words, & I can't help but feel douchey about it. Still, this is one of the most delicious drinks Starbucks has ever come out with, in my humble, Starbucks-loving opinion.
  3. Bachelor in Paradise: Should I be embarrassed about this? I'm embarrassed about this. I don't even like The Bachelor that much, so I have no idea why its epically trashy spinoff holds such appeal for me - & yet here I am, tuning in twice a week. I think there's some strange allure for committed women who don't necessarily miss their single days but who enjoy living vicariously through someone else's.
  4. Old Navy Metallic Pointy Flats in Light Gold Rush: I snagged these great flats on sale & can't wait to wear them with everything this fall. I would wear them to bed if I could. 
  5. LuLaRoe: I held out against yet another Internet business selling something that didn't appeal to me... until a friend sent me a free pair of leggings to try. Now, I never want to wear anything else, & I am trying my damndest to guard my wallet from repeated shopping sprees.
  6. I signed up for these daily inspirational text messages after reading about them on another blog. Sure, I could just, like, look up my own damn inspiration every day, but who has time for that? Now I just wake up to it every day.
  7. Homemade smoothies: I'm back on the smoothie train with my favorite recipe: two handfuls of baby spinach, a banana, a red apple, some almond milk, & a scoop or two of organic peanut butter, blended in my little bullet blender. I'm never healthier than when I'm on the smoothie train.
  8. Pokémon Go: I've already confessed to this on the blog, & already, the enthusiasm is winding down - can I can an update, Niantic?! - but my love for this app persists. I caught a bunch of new Pokémon while in NYC, including a Pikachu! I just hit level 22 & am desperate to keep on keepin' on.
  9. Urban Decay lipstick: I snagged a $25 lip color for $9.99 from Nordstrom Rack, which sort of numbed the pain of not finding a dress too wear to an upcoming wedding. It's shiny, not matte like I'm used to, but I kinda like that, & it stays on alllll day.
  10. Franco Sarto Delancey Crossbody: I rotate between two purses - a tiny one & a Longchamp - so I'm not usually on the lookout for anything new. But I scored this beauty for just $20 on sale at Marshall's before my NYC trip, & it turned out to be the perfect size for travel. It's also a great pop of color for someone who's prone to neutrals. 
Tell me: What are you super-into these days? 

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