Top Chef Master? More Like Top Chef Disaster!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I've been home for about 48 hours, jet-lagged & sick. I have no voice & no energy, but what I do have is an appetite for good, old-fashioned American eats. Nathan & I woke up early this morning (damn you, jet-lag) & decided that instead of eating cereal like lazy Americans, we'd get to work making a fancy brunch. Using this cookbook, given to me by a friend & former roommate in recognition of my undying love of the best meal in existence, we tackled French toast - our first try at making it.

We burned the first two pieces of French toast & the first few slices of bacon. Once we hit our groove, we began burning things less, but we never got over it entirely. Though the final product did indeed taste OK - edible, at the very least! - we couldn't help but be embarrassed when comparing our masterpiece to the one we were trying to replicate. For shame:
Hey, at least there were mimosas. There are some things you can't screw up!

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