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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today's topic is laminated lists.

We've all got one. Don't pretend like you don't. Significant other or not, we've all got a mental list of celebrities who we can't help ogling. Even if you're not a person who cares about celebrities (whatever, I see you watching Celebrity Cook-Off over there. Team Joey!), it's human nature to have a few red-carpet crushes.

Luckily, my wonderful significant other is quite forgiving about the fact that I have such a list, as he, of course, has one, too (Allison Brie tops his, I believe). At the moment, mine is as follows:

  • Matthew Gray Gubler
    My love for Criminal Minds' kid genius is so well-known amongst my friends that in my single days, my former boss actually let me know, with quite a bit of excitement, that the bartender at a D.C.-area bar looked exactly like him (sadly never confirmed by me). Something about this brainy, sweater-vested nerd sets my heart aflutter. Those cheekbones! Those tweets! Le swoon. 

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    My crush on this now-mainstream heartthrob dates back as far as Angels in the Outfield and only grew stronger with his adorable stand-out performance in '90s classic 10 Things I Hate About You. Today, after starring in blockbusters like Inception, this dimpled cutie tops many a laminated list. Still, I like to fancy myself a bit of a JGL hipster: I liked him way back when!

  • Michael B. Jordan It might be creepy for me to include this Parenthood actor on my list, as he was just 15 when I first became a fan. In 2002, he played Wallace, my favorite character on The Wire, & I was thrilled to find him playing Vince Howard on Friday Night Lights (which has perhaps ousted Dawson's Creek as My Favorite Show Ever). I was also thrilled to learn that he has since become very attractive.

  • Tim Riggins
    Taylor Kitsch is sexy, but he's sexiest when he's playing Tim Riggins, everyone's favorite bad-boy football star. Drinking? Womanizing? Crime? Tim Riggins did it all... & yet somehow, he did it all with so much charm that none of it mattered. In fact, it only served to make him sexier. A Rebel with a good heart? Tim Riggins, you have my heart. Texas forever.

I really struggled to come up with a fifth celeb to top this list, & I feel like I'm missing some really obvious love of mine. But who? I tossed around plenty of ideas, including Ashton Kutcher (those lips!), John Mayer (those pipes!), Barack Obama (presidential appeal!), Christian Bale (Newsies!), & Zach Gilford (more FNL love!), but I ultimately decided that no one else deserved to go up there with these four beautiful men.

Pardon me while I make cartoon heart-eyes for a bit.

BUT WAIT. I'VE THOUGHT OF SOMEONE ELSE. How could I forget Kal Penn?! I've long loved him, no matter how horrific the Harold & Kumar films are (do not go see the Christmas special). I saw him once, from afar, at the White House gates. So close, yet so far away, & with so many Secret Service agents between us...

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