Things You Shouldn't Yell in a Starbucks

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tell that to the two old men sitting caddy-corner from me. I'm actually biting my tongue in an attempt not to laugh. Except... I sort of wonder if these guys are Holocaust deniers, too. Less funny.

I liked the Rahhhhbit Buble conversation a lot better.

WAIT. I just heard him mention "The Greatest Tenor in the World, Jonas Kaufmann," which means this convo is taking a distinctly Buble turn! And while the name "Jonas Kaufmann" might lead you to believe that the tenor is, in fact, Jewish, Google gives me no evidence of that. But wait! But wait! The guy is now talking about the Holocaust - one of his closest friends lost his parents in a concentration camp.

OK, so I'm glad they're not deniers, but AM I A PSYCHIC, OR WHAT?

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