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Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm not usually a sucker for memes, but every once in awhile, a good ones comes by that I just can't say no to. My real-life* friend Jaclyn over at Snap, Crackle, Pop (she also runs the awesomely successful Etsy shop Jac & Elsie) posted one such meme today, & I'm joining in. This one is great!

I present you with 10 things I'd like to see happen in my lifetime, posted here in no particular order:

  • A published book with my name across the cover - and not one of those self-published deals, either. We're talkin' the real thing, publisher & all.

  • No need for the American Cancer Society, Komen for the Cure, & all organizations like them - because a cure for all cancers has been found & this horrible disease has been eradicated once & for all

  • REDACTED BECAUSE MY MOTHER HATES HAVING A DAUGHTER WHO IS A BLOGGER. No, seriously, she sent me an email saying, "Take my name off that list," so you don't ever get to know what this one is about unless you saw the first iteration of this post. I'm salty, can you tell?

  • A long, successful Coast Guard career for my boyfriend, complete with a hefty retirement package at the ripe old age of 41

  • A female president! I'd prefer, of course, that she be more like Hillary & less like Sarah & Michele, but politics aside, it will be truly amazing to see a woman in the Oval Office some day.

  • A day when healthy eating is more commonplace than fast food burgers & bag of Cheez-Its. Perhaps this one is hypocritical because I love Cheez-Its as much as the next girl, & I'm not the healthiest of eaters myself. But I'd love to see a time when CSAs & organic goods are the norm & some of the crappy temptations have disappeared from grocery store shelves.

  • Total equality for LGBT individuals, both domestically & abroad. This means marriage equality, an end to workplace discrimination,& no fear of bullying, persecution or violence - the works!

  • Some major victory for a Cleveland sports team, LeBron be damned!

  • An end to the so-called Religious Right, which bullies our country & our Congress in an effort mold our nation to its bigoted, narrow-minded, "faith-based" views

  • Lots of travel for me! Greece, Italy, Egypt, Peru... my list is long & thus far untouched.

OK, there are a few long shots here, to be sure. What about you? What would make your list?

    *It's funny to say that Jaclyn & I are real-life friends, but we kind of are. We went to the same college & worked for the same campus newspaper, but at different times.We have a number of the same friends & have met once in person, but we've only become friends through blogging. I'm looking forward to seeing her again in May, when we can really call ourselves real-life friends!

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