In Which I Prove That I Have Questionably Excellent Taste

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I went to a used music & movies store today & came home with the following goodies, cataloged here in order of least to most humiliating to be seen purchasing in public:
  • Best find in ever? I'm inclined to think so. I actually sprinted across the store & jumped up & down while revealing this gem to Nathan (whose boat docked in Boston, so he got to come home for the night!). DOUBLE WHAMMY.
  • Hey, look, it's everyone's favorite fabricated-on-national-TV boy band! Extra points to them for use of the made-up word "morpharpotic." Have I ever told you about the time I saw these lads live & in concert, for free? With LFO? Your jealousy will kick in any minute now.
  • Oh, this is a pre-owned copy of Amy Grant's "Heart In Motion" that I'm purchasing for $1.97? Ugh, thanks for the warning. You know, I'd really prefer to own a brand new, in-the-cellophane copy, but... well, I think they stopped making those in 1993. [Sidenote: "One day I'm a mother / One day I'm a lover / What am I supposed to do? / HATS!"]
  • I originally had "Hercules" in my hand, which was actually the least embarrassing of all my finds. But when I saw this boxed set for a mere $15, I made the switch. This is, by far, the most embarrassing of all of today's little victories, but I loved me some WB back in the day - even the wholesome, Christian, birth-control-hating, family fun kind. No way was I gonna pass up the opportunity to relive my sixth grade favorites.
At the time, I was all, "Sweet! All this great stuff for just $30!" and now, reflecting back on all of it, I'm a little bit more like, "Oh! I could've fed starving kids in Africa/donated the Red Cross/built my savings account/done anything at all of worth with this $30!"

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