Tut, Tut, Looks Like Rain...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Perhaps you heard that there was a storm along the East Coast this weekend...

As you may recall, Nathan left for a month-long deployment early Saturday morning. I dropped him off on base & settled in to weather the storm alone.

I'd like to recap for you my first experience with a hurricane. Er, a tropical storm. Er, lots of rain. This weekend, I:

  • Assaulted my neighbors with questions about flooding, power outages, etc., finally determining that I'd probably not evacuate

  • Duct-taped X's over my windows because I heard somewhere that it can help prevent flying shards of glass if the windows break

  • Sent a barrage of embarrassingly panicky tweets

  • Decided that if my water/power went out & I needed to use the facilities, I could use the giant, empty cat litter tub I was about to throw in the recycling bin, & neutralize it with some clean litter. HURRICANE MACGYVER, I know.

  • Put together a cat-on-the-road kit in case I needed to grab my furry little man & make a run for it. Traveling with a cat sounded like so much fun...

  • Filled the bathtub with cold water because, um, you're supposed to

  • Remembered that I have 21 small bottles of liquor in the apartment, which I wanted to send to my cousin for her 21st birthday until I realized that's illegal. Storm rations!

  • Charged every piece of technology I own, assuming three laptops & an iPad could keep my iPhone charged for a damn long time

  • Sent a barrage of embarrassingly panicky tweets

  • Transferred valuables & photo albums into large plastic tubs placed atop my kitchen table

  • Packed an "in case" bag with far too many pairs of socks & no pairs of pants

  • Moved both cars to a less tree-filled section of the parking lot

  • Sent a barrage of embarrassingly panicky tweets

  • Assembled all of my dry & canned foods into an easy-to-grab duffel, including but not limited to: fruit snacks, trail mix, NutriGrain bars,Veggie Sticks, dried fruit, chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds, KIND bars & canned peaches

  • Showered three times, in case we lost power & each time was the last time for God-knows-how-long

  • Slept for a whopping 10 hours & woke up at 9:30am to an average rainstorm, so I canceled my hotel reservation

  • Watched a handful of terrible movies, including "Life As We Know It," "Revenge of the Bridesmaids," "Gothika" & "Sorority Wars"

  • Rocked pajamas & no makeup all weekend long

In the end, all my precautions were for naught. The storm passed Portsmouth almost entirely, providing us nothing more than strong rain & weak winds. Know what's funny? The power went out at the Raddison where I had reservations, as well as with the inland friends I almost stayed with!

But you'll never hear me complain about a weekend that looks like this:

How did you fare during the storm? Everybody OK out there?

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