Awesome-Minus Brunching, Testimonial-Style

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My office's conference season (we put on six in three months!) has finally come to a close, & you know what that means? That means no more weekends spent working, & THAT MEANS BRUNCH.

We closed our final conference with a fantastic meal at the Marriott Crystal Gateway's brunch buffet two weekends ago, which you can read about over at my friend Hungry Sam's blog, where he waxes somewhat poetic about my abiding love for cheesy breakfast potatoes.

Sunday morning, we continued brunching, & I soldiered through a gin-induced hangover (Dear self: You are 25, not 19) to trek to Social in Columbia Heights for brunch with coworkers-cum-friends & assorted others. The weather was dreary but the company was good, & I was promised everyone would be wearing pants. Seriously, that's what our brunch planning email chain devolved into, though I suppose a pantsless brunch would've made for some extra excitement.

Anyway. Social. Eight of us ordered exactly two meals - chocolate chip pancakes & the Black Jack Sandwich, four orders of each. The pancakes (CCPs, if you wanna sound all official) were stacked three high, which doesn't sound like a big deal, but basically amounted to a three-layer breakfast cake for just $7.95, one side included (bacon). I sound like a commercial, I know, but I love me some cheap a.m. eatin'.

Luckily, however, & much to the delight of our digestive systems, not a single one of us CCP-eaters finished our meals, no matter how inexpensive. That's a lotta pancakery.

The other school of brunching thought (to which I am clearly not party) puts more emphasis on the "unch" part of the word - that is to say, with a focus on lunch food. Those heathens lunch-lovers seated among us ordered the Black Jack Sandwich, composed of the following:

Needless to say, everyone was pretty darn happy. Don't believe me? I've got testimonials to prove it.

Bottom line for our Social brunch experience: crappy service, crazygood eats. I leave you with my final thoughts:

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