Our Graveyard Smash!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanks to all of you for bearing with my pre-Halloween bitchery. The result? Last Saturday marked the most minimal-effort Halloween costume I've ever donned. We tried to be witty, sort of. Really, we did - just a little last-minute. Can you guess what we are?

We're "ships passing in the night," obviously, our favorite cliche! Wait... What do you mean, you couldn't tell?! Come on, that's good. And no, of course I didn't find little gold stars stuck to every surface of my apartment for the rest of the night. And no, three didn't fall out of my hair in the shower this morning. And no, I didn't rip the seat of my favorite black pants while getting low to Flo-Rida.

The good news (?) is that I never left my apartment. When our party plans were canceled, my roommates & I opted to throw our own impromptu All Hallows Eve soiree. We bought a bunch of orange food in honor of Halloween (mac & cheese, Doritos, Cheetos, Reese's), burned a quick holiday mix (though "Jeepers Creepers" is actually an oddly cheerful ditty), & grabbed a couple of cases of cold ones.

Sadly, our collective costumes were not all that creative or mind-blowing. My roommate Jason, for example, pinned socks to his shirt forming "RE." He was either "Sacre bleu!" or Socrates, depending on how you looked at it. Get it? GET IT? Yeah, neither did anyone, but he was proud. And joyful, as evidenced below - good enough for me!

My out-of-towner friend Micaela & her college buds were singing holiday cards. The truth is that I've never seen a Fourth of July card, much less a singing one, but it was still a clever costuming choice. When opened, Micaela sang "America the Beautiful" (usually) & Kristin mostly sang "Jingle Bells" (first line only, sometimes interspersed with N*Sync's Christmas album). Caitlin miraculously got away with never being opened, so she got out of singing.

Other friends came as world peace, "Party in the USA," a Stepford wife, Dexter (khakis & a waffle shirt are not a costume!), scarlet fever & the four elements. Much dancing occurred. And while the event was intended to be a pre-gaming shindig before everyone went their separate partying ways... well, no one did. About 15 of us pseudo-partied at our place until quarter past midnight, & then... I went to bed.

In short? We were low on creativity but, ultimately, high on fun. And, in the end, I concede that that's what does, in fact, matter most.

PS: If you want to see something crazy-impressive, check out my good friend Jill as the zombie cheerleader with the Thrilla Guerillas taking the French Quarter by storm. How's THAT for Halloween spirit? Thanks for letting me live vicariously, Jill!


  1. You TOTALLY could've gone with "slutty ships passing in the night".

  2. Last minute things are some times more fun, especially when they come to you.

  3. i am such a sucker for a punny costume. i love it!! and i also love sock-re bleu. HEH.

  4. wholeheartedly disagree on the "low on creativity" eval. a "card" that sings NSYNC's Christmas album? and the philosophy major in me loved Socrates.

  5. your costume is right up my alley.

    MINIMAL yet creative.

  6. Fun IS what always counts! I still love your costume though. Very creative. :)

  7. omg, love the flash mobs. and your faces in these pictures!


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