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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back when I was living in my beloved Cleveland Park (oh, how I miss it), I joined the Cleveland Park Listserv, which bills itself as the largest neighborhood listserv in the country. I don't know who's out there measuring the size of neighborhood listservs, but this feels like a mildly impressive statement, right? When I moved, I stayed on the list to stay in the loop because I'm nosy like that.

I get way too many emails per day. Seriously, sometimes I get 50 emails a day about absolutely nothing - neighbors in search of chiropractors & leaf blowers & babysitters, neighbors giving away furniture & coupons & packing supplies. But every once in awhile, I get a true gem, one that makes me day & makes being on this crazy, overly chatty listserv incredibly worth it.

Yesterday, I got this:

Hi Neighbors,

I am moving and have the following items up for grabs if anyone is interested.

various shot glasses (25 or so)
Asian style hat
Various Photo Frames
Peacock Feathers
Pageant Trophy
"Birthday Wishes" ceramic Jar (like a piggy bank)
Decorative Philippino Wallhang
Lobster Table cloth weights
Hanging japanese lanterns
Small Japanese Fans
Jar of Ink cartridges for fountainpen

If you're able to take all of these things, all the better!

So who wants to get in on this with me? We can make headbands with those feathers, & we can drink a LOT of liquor out of those 25 shot glasses while wearing that Asian-style hat, & then we can, um, laugh really hard at anyone actually owning lobster tablecloth weights. Sounds like a party! I'll decorate my apartment with those Japanese lanterns to celebrate!


  1. "Lobster Table cloth weights." !??! what ARE these? i'm tempted to pick up the lot just out of curiousity.

    also, who wouldn't want a pageant trophy for someone else?

  2. I always look my best in Asian-style hats. And I've been needing to refill a fountain pen for years. Maybe the ink I need is in that jar.

  3. I've been avoiding Asian-style hats because I look... too appropiate.

  4. These are just the props needed for either an awesome Halloween costume or reinterpretation of Memoirs of a Geisha.


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