Is That a Banana in Your Pocket or Are You Just Playing a Practical Joke?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ohhh, college. If you don't think this video is funny, it can only be because you're not watching it.

It's from three years ago, in our old college newsroom. Because I had not yet ascended to the ranks of the cool (read: editors), I don't appear in this video (it's a budget meeting - woo!), though one of my best friends, another lowly reporter, does - she's the girl at the end in the striped sweater putting the banana on his shoulder. She brings on the best part of Ben's banana-crazed reaction, anyway.

And yes, he means it - the kid hates bananas. Lots.

Sure, the song is annoying & the videography is blurry, but darn, it's fun - so fun, in fact, that back in the day, a local alt paper wrote about it. I've been a wee bit cranky for the past few days, & I got a little emo last night reading through a bunch of my old Xanga & Myspace posts (don't judge, everyone's gotta start someplace) - but amongst my old posts, I found this amazing piece of Daily Kent Stater history, & I couldn't resist reviving it to share with anyone who's interested in a little bizarro fruit comedy. It made my day & induced the elusive actual LOL.

Also, this just in: Would you judge me if I admitted that I miss college? A lot?


  1. I was at Kent today actually. I miss it a LOT. :(

    Remember how Fox 8 covered this too? The Banana Boy. hahahaha

  2. OMG, I miss college. It's so funny to see that these type of things happen in ALL college newsrooms. Guess that's what happens when you're stuck with the same people for 50+ hours a week...

  3. Yes. That's me. I do have to say that I'm getting a lot better with bananas, as they still gross me out. But I even touched one recently! And on purpose!

    Still, ew.

  4. haaa. my mom is deathly afraid of live fish, and my sister has an honest-to-god phobia of vomit, so why not bananas, i guess...? :-)

  5. the ending is perfect.

    and yeah: miss college.

  6. In college you know who you are, you sit in the Quad and think, "Oh my god I'm totally going to go far!"

  7. I have to say that I don't really miss college, (even though I'm still finishing up a few lagging credits online at KSU myself). But I can say I was always around Taylor and always kinda wished I worked at the Stater. =)

  8. BANANAS! how can that even happen? who doesn't love bananas? i love bananas! and the banana song! student government never had anything like this in our meetings. *sad face*

    ps thanks for saying hi! :)


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