Signage Fail

Monday, October 5, 2009

This feels a little bit like something from Engrish, albeit not funny or double entendre-laden. My real question is this: Why, Archstone Apartments, did you still put this up in my lovely apartment building? Did someone take it out of the box & go, "Oh, shoot. Well... maybe no one will notice"? Or, even worse, did no one notice at all?


  1. You didn't hear? The second floor is the new lobby!

  2. this either sounds like it's an awesome starry stairwell (like maybe with those cool glow in the dark star stickers everyone used to have on their ceilings?) or the stairs are somehow related to geri halliwell.

  3. This would make me crazy! EVERY TIME I'd go past it, I'd fall into the same exact thought process: who did this, why did no one notice, etc. etc. until one day I'd be hauled off to the mental ward muttering incoherently with my package of black sharpies. Even now I must look away.

  4. Wow, does someone hate their job around there.


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