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Monday, October 5, 2009

A few weeks ago, my friend Joanna invited me to attend the HRC Equality Dinner with her at a discounted rate. This half-price rate, though still pretty spendy, was too good to pass up, especially when I learned that musical guests would include Cyndi Lauper, Lady GaGa and the cast of "Glee," so I coughed up some cash for a good cause. (Is this the gayest straight blog you've ever read, or what?)

This afternoon, just as I was pondering what to wear to this swanky event, I got the best news ever:

Yeah, you read that right. The Prez himself will be the evening's keynote speaker, & I'll be there for it, up pseudo-close & not-all-that-personal. The Washington Convention Center's a big, big place, so I'll be enjoying this privilege with a few thousand folks, I imagine... but I'LL BE THERE. He won't be on a screen, watched on my couch or through my computer or while braving the bitter cold on Inauguration Day; he will be in the same room as me.

Check this:

OK, so Cyndi Lauper has either ducked out or been dumped, but the Shepards have been added, along with some dude I've never heard of. Oh, & PRESIDENT OBAMA WILL BE THERE.

Am I drinking the "Our President is Great" Koolaid? Sure I am. Do I feel even the slightest bit bad or guilty about this? NOT AT ALL. America is one tasty beverage, y'all.


  1. It would be a much tastier beverage with a "re-peel" (GET IT?) of DADT.

    Anyway, congrats. I'm jealous.

  2. Gavin Creel is only the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE...okay, maybe not THE sexiest, but he's on Broadway and super-talented and super-gay and still pretty damn sexy.

    Oh, and I am UBER jealous.

  3. Melissa Stavana (Westfall)October 5, 2009 at 7:31 PM

    Oh so jealous....drink it up for me!

  4. hold tight.....there's still a good chance we might be able to sneak in Cyndi Lauper through the back door.

  5. Um, JEALOUS. I'm not sure whether I'd be happier to see the president or gaga though. Wait... is the teacher from Glee going to be there, and if so can you steal him for me? swoon.

  6. I got to meet Judy Shepard a couple weeks ago when she did an event at the store I work at, really sweet lady.

  7. Does this mean you'll be on on C-Span again?

  8. Best decision I ever made was to go to a Jim Webb rally a few years ago (when Webb was running for Senate.) Obama came to that rally to speak and even then, I had this feeling...

    Anyway, I got there early, got right up front within 2 rows of the stage, listened to everyone speak, noticed Obama was wearing a short-sleeve dress shirt under his suit (it WAS hot) and then shook his hand after the rally was over.

    So yeah - I've shaken the President's hand. Still kind of psyched over that.


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