The Best Things in Life are Free, Version 2.0

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Last month, I blogged about free hookers. Sort of. But last week, I got two free things that are even better!

I know, I know. You're thinking, "But what could be better than free hookers?" I'll tell you, folks - free concert tickets and free movie tickets, to be enjoyed within the span of two days.

On Wednesday, I attended a Regina Spektor concert at DAR Constitution Hall, courtesy of DC music blog The Vinyl District, who hosted a day-before-the-event giveaway courtesy of Jupiter One, the opening band. Having never been to the venue ("Who were the Daughters of the American Revolution & how did they get such prime real estate on Capitol Hill?!"), I was expecting some little old theater for some little old show; what's more, our tickets read "Maybe Obstructed," so our dreams of decent views were dashed. But when we were lead to our seats, the view was anything but obstructed:

Prior to this show, I didn't even particularly like Regina Spektor, but, as my concert-going partner said, the show felt "like watching modern art." It was truly one of the more incredible musical experiences I've had the pleasure of enjoying.

The next day, I attended a sneak preview of Joel & Ethan Coen's new film, "A Serious Man," tickets courtesy of the National Council of Jewish Women. Because I actually walked out of the Coen Bros' "Burn After Reading" (who knew a Brad Pitt/George Clooney flick could be such a snooze?), my hopes weren't particularly high for this one, either, but I was beyond surprised - pleasantly - by this movie, which was the Jewiest film I've ever seen (& I mean that in an enjoyable way). Afterward, the star of the show, Michael Stuhlbarg, did a Q&A for us, moderated by a smarmy NBC news correspondent who asked inane questions.

This week's verdict? I'm so into free things. Everything is exponentially more enjoyable than it would otherwise be when it's free. Where can I get more free things?!


  1. I am quite fond of singing regina spektor songs-- when I'm alone of course. no one needs to be subjected to that. haha

  2. I get a few offers and invites from people hoping I'll write them up in Metblogs- free things can be cool if they are things you like.

  3. I like how you started and ended this post talking about hookers. What's the colloquial term for selling one's "services" for free things?



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