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Friday, July 17, 2009

I have a problem.

(What else is new, right?)

The District of Columbia recently instituted a 5-cents-per-plastic-bag law at all grocery stores, which means I can no longer double-bag my groceries to shlep them home unless I want to shell out a dime per load of food. After paying DC prices for groceries to begin with, this is not a fee I'm willing to pay, no matter how small & insignificant it may be.

Listen, I appreciate the law's passage, I really do. I care about our mom (that'd be our collective matriarch, of course - Mother Earth) as much as the next hippie-hating 20-something: I turn the lights off when I leave the room,
I turn off the faucet when I brush my mostly-pearly whites, and I don't flush if it's just a little tinkle. I even grocery shop with own eco-friendly bags - when I remember.

The thing is, I usually just pick stuff up on my way home, & I don't have a spare bag on me. So in recent days, to avoid the 5-cent bag fee, I've taken to shoving my recently purchased items into my purse. I'm known to carry purses big enough to conceal a mountain lion anyway, so there's always extra room.

The problem is my memory. The problem is that when I get home, I throw my purse on the bed, hit up the bathroom, grab a glass of water, settle in with the laptop... & forget all about the food.


  1. Buy the cloth bags and stash those in your beach bag of a purse. At our grocery stores here they even give you 3-5 cents off per bag on your transaction.

  2. I've totally done the same thing...

  3. Get these! - they roll up into a little pouch so they're super small. I know there are other brands that are cheaper but I just found this site to show you the concept! They're seriously super tiny and you can always leave them in your bag!


  5. Another reason I enjoy living in NoVA... however I also use cloth bags and stash them in my car.

  6. i stash one of those resuable cloth bags in my briefcase but i still forget it's there sometimes.


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