A Brief Study on Eating Habits in the District

Monday, February 18, 2008

Exhibit A)

In the heart of the U.S., Thai food abounds -- and so, apparently, do bad puns. In case Thai Phoon wasn't horrific enough, I present to you my (very classy) new favorite, located in Logan Circle. How is it that a place this place offensive hasn't sunk already? Ba-dum-chhh, I'll be here all night.

Exhibit B)

Just because you pay $1000+ in monthly rent doesn't mean you're also cashing in on the most up-to-date new kitchen appliances. Case in point? This monstrosity of a microwave, sitting on the curb outside a snazzy Dupont townhouse. I'm pretty sure you could time travel in this thing, or at least generate some madly cancerous rays.

Exhibit C)
On a personal note, the contents of my refrigerator are still the saddest thing I have seen since... well, since I took a picture of that microwave a few hours ago, but you get the point. I just "cooked" one Pillsbury Grand & one Morningstar Farms faux-sausage patty in my toaster oven to create a delightful breakfats sandwich for one. Ohhh, the creative things you think of when you're kitchenless.

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  1. still a whole lot better than a stick of butter, salsa and a pop--except for the bologna (yuck)


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